Firstly you would have to choose one or two armies from the Warbands & Legions store,  this is purely personal preference,  once you have purchased your army/armies a J PEG download is sent to your e.mail address.  You will then need to have them printed,  the J PEG image needs to be printed at 100% on a A4 I would not recommend cheap copy paper, the paper needs to reasonably thick 220-300mgs and a silk finish is preferable.  You might find it best to go to a good photo copier shop and of course if you do so you will need to load your J PEG onto a pen drive.  Remember you can copy for private use only, I will not be able to continue drawing new armies if this is abused and on the same subject I would ask nicely that you don't send a download to your friend because this would be an infringement.  So of course you can copy as many pages as you wish for private use, but two or three would be a good average.  Each A4 army is carefully balanced and doubling up on the amount of counters would be no problem at all.