Now you have your prints/copies you need to give them a card backing,  the best card to use for this is art mount card, one side will be white and the other colored I prefer black but its up to you there are many colors available.  This card is available from all good art shops and one sheet will do a lot of armies.  Using a sharp craft knife and a steel rule cut out all the paper counters from your sheet when this is done turn your art mount card white side up and using Pritt paper glue cover an area slightly larger than each paper counter with a good covering of the paper glue make sure its all covered especially the edges/corners and then drawing side up press down your paper onto the glued surface of the card.  Using a solid clean tube roll over the paper counter so that your sure its has full contact.  This glue just needs 5 minutes to dry and again using a sharp craft knife and steel rule cut along the edges of your card and paper counter.  And then repeat, I do one at a time because the Pritt glue dries quickly.  This can take a couple of hours, but its not hard to do and its a lot simpler and quicker than painting metal miniatures.  Remember when your done you have a army or large skirmish force that will be ready to play.  You may as an added extra wish to color in the white edges of the card with a permanent marker I use black but art shops sell many different colors.