BLISTERPACKS- The battlepacs come in a clear plastic blister pack by using your fingernail you can prize open the back no bother.  So they can be used again and again for storage if you like.

COUNTERS- The counters are made from a good quality art mount board and are easy to pick up during play.

PLAY-MATS- Are A4 printed onto 300gms paper.  They are folded down to A5 size. I use Pritt glue to stick to a more durable board such as hardboard etc.  But mind air bubbles just like wall papering work out from the middle.

GAMEPLAY- You will notice the games are very compact with just enough information to play the game.  This keeps cost down which is important to you the customer as well.  But I hope to fill the gaps in the articles section of this website and perhaps facebook.  The rules are just a guide and you can change things to suit your style of play.  Example charging into contact is not mentioned,  as long as you are within 3-4 squares then you can charge to contact and melee and that you get a +1 or +2 modifier on your fight factor for one turn.